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The CROWN group was founded in 1991 as a real estate investment firm. As the trend of Crown's business became more focused on insurance, Crown Financial Solutions, Inc. was incorporated in early 2010.  Its current corporate offices are located at 3700 Crestwood Parkway Suite 750 in Duluth, Georgia 30096, just a few minutes north of Atlanta.  Its executive management has over 100 years of experience and every Executive, Manager, Agent, and Senior Benefit Analyst is fully licensed with the State and certified with Medicare.  CFS represents virtually all Medicare HealthCare Providers of Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Prescription Drug Plans, a multitude of Life Insurance Companies, and many quality Investment Companies. Crown Financial Solutions, Inc. primary focus is individual enrollments in Medicare Health Plans, Final Expense Life Insurance for seniors, and safe no risk Annuity income investment plans. A Crown Analyst will review the individual’s
HealthCare benefits to determine if the individual is in the best Medicare plan available based on their geographic location, financial position, and health status.  Since Crown represents virtually all providers, its representatives can educate, inform, and advise entirely without bias opinion.  Most Medicare Advantage Plans with Part D Prescription Drug coverage will have ZERO PREMIUM COST and Low Co-pays. In addition, many plans have DENTAL, VISION, and TRANSPORTATION Benefits. Our representatives are compensated by Medicare indirectly through the Insurance Providers.  However, the cost of a Medicare Plan to the consumer is the same whether we handle the enrollment or they purchase directly from the provider.  The difference is our un-bias representation and Superior Customer Service.  In order to insure this, an Agent's compensation is the same, regardless of the Medicare plan the customer selects. Crown Senior Benefit Coordinators, Inc. is an accredited 501c non-profit division of Crown Financial Solutions, Inc.  CSBC is dedicated to providing NO COST financial advisory services to those individual 65 years of age and older and disabled individuals on Medicare. A Crown Senior Benefits Analyst assists those individuals with understanding all the entitlements that they may qualify for and then assists them with the preparation of the required documents for Xtra Help with Prescription Drugs, Medicaid benefits for payment of medical co-pays (QMB), Medicaid benefits for payment of their Medicare Part (B) premium, applying for Part (B) Medicare, applying for Disability (SSI), and many other community and corporate benefits as they may apply.  This is done in the privacy and comfort of each individuals home at absolutely NO COST to the prospective Crown member. [SEE BROCHURE] The CROWN group currently conducts the bulk of its business in Georgia with current expansion programs active in South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  It is Crown's objective to provide its needed FREE educational and advisory services and enrollment expertise  to all individuals that qualify throughout the United States.  Once an individual on Medicare becomes a member of the Crown group, they can feel confident their Healthcare needs are in good hands.  The reason being, "We truly care about our customer's and enjoy helping with decision geared to their best interest.
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